From as far back in time as can be remembered until the present day, the mysterious standing stone, Granny Kempock, has influenced major and minor historical events in Scotland. Locals tell stories of how a witch was turned to stone and is still seeking to escape from her internment, but is there any truth to these tales? Nigel Rennie explores the evidence.

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Granny Kempock Stone 1902
Granny Kempock Stone 1902
Nigel Rennie - the Author
Nigel Rennie - the Author
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Nigel Rennie

Embark on a journey through the tumultuous landscapes of Scottish history where at times truth can be stranger than fiction.

Epic Tales

Scotland's legendary battles, uncovered

Profiles of Scots and Scottish Witches

Kings of ScotlandKings of Scotland
Granny Kempock circa 1902Granny Kempock circa 1902
Granny Kempock History

Stranger than fiction

Scottish expedition to the Holy LandScottish expedition to the Holy Land

Witchcraft in Scotland - fact or fiction?

Historical Events

The reality of witchcraft in Scotland

The arrest of Dr. FianThe arrest of Dr. Fian
Battle of BannockburnBattle of Bannockburn

Study Scotland's military strategies briefly

Andrew Hillhouse - Black DouglasAndrew Hillhouse - Black Douglas

Research on Granny Kempock


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Granny Kempock
Granny Kempock